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What Happens If Minoxidil Touches Face (Deep Research)

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1What Happens If Minoxidil Gets On Your Face?

Some possible side effects include: redness or irritation of your facial skin scalp irritation. hair growing in areas that you didn’t expect, such as further down your neck or back.

2Is Minoxidil On Face Safe?

According to the study, the researchers believe that it is safe to use minoxidil for beard enhancement. That being said, there are known side effects (a common side effect being dry, flaky skin which can easily be addressed with a specialized moisturizer) and you should consult your doctor before starting minoxidil.

3What If Minoxidil Goes On Forehead?

Minoxidil can cause unwanted facial hair if the product comes into contact with the face. Now that you have stopped using it, the facial hair should not become more, but you can get rid of unwanted facial hair by waxing – or a more permanent way is to use laser treatment to remove the facial hair.

4Can Minoxidil Cause Hair Growth On Face?

It can cause unwanted hair growth.

Some women may experience facial hair growth when they use minoxidil. That can happen if the medication trickles down onto your face or simply as a side effect when you apply it only to your scalp.

5Is It Safe To Put Minoxidil On Your Face?

When we contacted Johnson & Johnson, which acquired Rogaine in 2006, about people using minoxidil to stimulate beard growth, they told us in no uncertain terms that minoxidil should not be used on the face. It should only be used as indicated: twice daily on the vertex of the scalp.

6Does Minoxidil On Face Cause Hair Loss?

Most men don’t start seeing results for the first 4-6 months of treatment. In fact, some guys even see their hair fall out in even larger quantities in the first few months of their treatment. This increased hair loss is referred to as minoxidil shedding, and it’s an infamous term among men starting minoxidil.

7How Long Should You Keep Minoxidil On Your Face?

Leave the minoxidil on your face for 4 hours. Research has shown it takes approximately 4 hours to achieve 75% absorption or higher. (10) So if you want the full beardifying effects of minoxidil, you’re gonna have to leave it on your face for this long.