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Teeth Whitening Covered By Dental Insurance (Real Research)

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1How Much Is It To Whiten Your Teeth?

The cost of teeth whitening can vary quite significantly from product to product, procedure to procedure. Professional, in-office teeth whitening is the most expensive option with a national average of $650 per visit (pricing can vary between $500 to $1,000).

2Can Teeth Whitening Be Covered By Insurance?

Which Dental Insurance Plans Cover Teeth Whitening? Most dental insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening. Since these procedures are intended to improve the look of your teeth, they are not medically necessary—and thus not covered.

3Is Getting Teeth Whitened By Dentist Worth It?

Professional teeth whiteners are safe, effective, and done under the supervision of a dental professional. In most cases, it is worth the extra cost to visit the dentist to get long-lasting, safe results.

4Is Teeth Whitening Covered By Insurance Canada?

Note that cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening are not usually covered by dental insurance, although certain services mentioned above could inadvertently improve your teeth’s aesthetics, such as replacement of defective fillings in the front teeth and their ability to improve discolouration.

5Is It Worth Getting Your Teeth Professionally Whitened?

So, is it worth it? Whether you choose to have your teeth whitened in-office, or opt for the take-home trays, professional teeth whitening is the best choice for permanently whiter teeth. The quick and lasting results combined with an increased comfortability make the higher cost completely worth it.

6Can Yellow Teeth Be Professionally Whitened?

If you want to whiten aging yellow teeth, you should make an appointment and head to your dentist’s office. This option is a bit more expensive than purchasing tubes of toothpaste and packages of whitening trays from the store, but it is safer and more effective overall.

7How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

The effects of teeth whitening can last up to 2-3 years or as little as 6 months. It varies from person to person.

8Can You Pay To Get Your Teeth White?

Cost of whitening at dentist’s office

The average cost of in-office teeth whitening is $650, although it can climb to $1,000 or more, depending on the type of product used and how much your dentist charges. In many cases, in-office teeth whitening pays off.