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Sd Spa Dent Naturals Teeth Whitening Kit (Deep Research)

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1How Do You Use Sd Teeth Whitening?

Then, fill the tray with the whitening gel, using a syringe. Then simply place the tray (but not the light) in the mouth, gently bite down on it move it around a bit to spread the gel around the teeth, and turn on the light. Then just sit back and relax and let the whitening proceed, for 20 minutes.

2How Often Can You Use Dr Dent Teeth Whitening??

How often should I use the teeth whitening strips? – Basically, we recommend using them once per day. After 14 days, you will achieve maximum results.

3What Is Xyliprox?

Spa Dent Naturals uses Xyliprox™, a patented gel that whitens teeth while providing maximum oral health benefits. The ingredients are all-natural and include: Hydrogen and carbamide peroxide for whitening. Aloe to soothe gums. Neem to remove harmful bacteria and plaque.

4How Long Does Mysmile Last??

* In the FAQ section of their website, they say that results are expected to last anywhere between 2 weeks and 3 months and that they recommend to do a “top-up” treatment with more gel (that you have to purchase) every 2 weeks.

5How Long Should You Wait Between Teeth Whitening Treatments?

So how often should you whiten your teeth? Generally speaking, it’s a good practice to return to your dentist for teeth whitening services roughly once per quarter, or once every three months. This is even if you haven’t noticed a dramatic dulling of your smile yet.

6How Do You Use Dr Dent Teeth Whitening?

Simply apply the whitening gel to the top and bottom of the mouthguard. Attach the mouthguard to the LED light, insert it into the mouth and switch on the LED light. 30 Minutes treatment, in10 minutes interval the light switches off . Rinse your mouth and mouthguard with warm water.

7How Often Should You Use Teeth Whitener?

That being said, legally approved tooth whitening products, applied by a trained professional is not dangerous for your teeth. You should still refrain from using such products more often than 3-4 a week, so as to prevent gradual enamel erosion.

8How Many Times A Day Can You Use Teeth Whitening?

There are many choices for bleaching teeth at home, the most common include: Tooth whitening strips and gels. Applied directly to the teeth with a brush or a thin strip, these peroxide-based tooth bleaching products usually need to be applied once or twice a day for 10 to 14 days.