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Minoxidil Beard Protocol (Detailed Response)

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1How Long Minoxidil Should Be Used For Beard?

Because the beard hair grows slowly, minoxidil can be used for long periods of time. In general, minoxidil should be used for four to six months before deciding its effectiveness.” There you have it.

2How Often Do You Apply Minoxidil For Beard?

How often to apply Minoxidil for beard growth. Ideally, Minoxidil should be applied twice daily, although research show that one application of 5% once a day is more effective than 2% twice a day. The half life of Minoxidil is 22 hours so it can be reapplied after 12 hours.

3Should I Trim My Beard While Using Minoxidil?

You can shave while using minoxidil, as it’s use will increase will increase the blood flow and has nothing to the with shaving the hair on the skin.

4How Long Should I Use Minoxidil For Beard?

How Long to Use Minoxidil for Beard Growth? You’ll need to use minoxidil on your beard consistently and regularly for six to 24 months for the best results. Using the product every so often won’t help, and the hair growth cycle takes time, so do be patient.

5Should I Use Minoxidil For Beard Everyday?

How often do I have to use Minoxidil on my face to grow a beard? 1ml once per day is enough, but 1ml twice per day is better and will likely get you faster results.

6Does Minoxidil Really Work For Beard?

Minoxidil for beard results

There’s very little evidence that minoxidil works for beard growth. Only a single study tested minoxidil for the beard. This 2016 study , published in the Journal of Dermatology, found that a 3 percent minoxidil lotion performed just a little bit better than a placebo.7/10/2019