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Minoxidil Beard Moisturizer (FAQ)

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1Can You Moisturize After Using Minoxidil Beard?

Make sure to apply moisturizer AFTER minoxidil has dried (approximately 4 hours). You should be looking for a moisturizer that has skin identical ingredients like ceramides, cholesterol, or hyaluronic acid.

2Do I Moisturize Before Minoxidil?

Answer: Hair growth and moisturizer and minoxidil

Should you let the emollient fully dry, the minoxidil should work.

3Can You Use Minoxidil On Beard Daily?

Short answer: Yes, you can literally go into Amazon and buy some Kirkland 5% Minoxidil (known as the cheapest, yet effective brand) and start applying it to your beard area twice per day 1ml per application. In 3-12 months you should be able to grow a full beard.

4Does Minoxidil Dry Your Skin Out?

Some common side effects of minoxidil include: Dry Skin: Minoxidil tends to cause dry skin, which can be uncomfortable, but manageable. Dealing with dry skin may require using a moisturizer or taking other steps to keep it hydrated.

5Can I Apply Cream After Minoxidil?

Absolutely. You can use sun cream on your scalp after applying minoxidil as long as you wait around an hour between using this hair loss treatment and applying the suncream.

6How Do I Wash My Face Before Using Minoxidil?

Before applying the minoxidil on your face, wash your face properly for this use face wash, which is gentle on your skin, or simply wash it with the water. As you wash your face it will remove all the dust particles and will be easy for you to use.

7How Long Until Minoxidil Dries?

Whether you’re using minoxidil foam or solution, it should only take about 15 minutes to dry. (The foam dries faster than the solution, but it isn’t a huge time difference.) A blow dryer is a great way to cut that time down, and using one won’t affect the medication.