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Kettler Giro P Upright Exercise Bike?

How good are Kettler bikes? All their models have a very smooth action thanks to their superior ‘bearing technology’. Other innovative features on some models include internet connectivity to allow you to download new training programmes and software from Kettler’s website. All models come with an excellent 3 year parts and labour warranty.

Where are Kettler exercise bikes made? The company has grown to be a leading brand of home fitness equipment, toys, and leisure furniture, with manufacturing sites throughout Germany and its subsidiaries worldwide.

What is a Kettler bike? Giro C3 Exercise Bike Kettler’s years of experience has meant we have perfected the classic Exercise Bike. Our comfortable, high-quality indoors bikes offer a fantastic cardio workout that will tone the lower body, burn calories and improve fitness levels. Exercise bikes are the ideal piece of equipment for a home gym.