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Is Rogaine Good For African American Hair? (Real Research)

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Question: Are hair loss medications like Rogaine and Propecia as effective in African Americans? Answer: Yes.

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1What Is Good For Thinning African American Hair??

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2Who Should Not Use Rogaine?

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3What Promotes African American Hair Growth??

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5Why You Shouldn’T Take Rogaine?

Rogaine is generally considered safe, but in some cases it can cause side effects, such as scalp irritation, unwanted hair growth, or temporary shedding. If you notice any of these symptoms or anything else concerning, contact your doctor right away.

6Is Rogaine Safe For Everyone?

Is Rogaine safe? Yes, Rogaine is FDA-approved. But people who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not recommended to use it.

7Are There Any Negative Side Effects Of Rogaine?

Tell your doctor if you notice continued itching, redness, or burning of your scalp after you apply minoxidil. If the itching, redness, or burning is severe, wash the medicine off and check with your doctor before using it again. Hair loss may continue for 2 weeks after you start using minoxidil.

8Can Rogaine Make Hair Loss Worse?

The short answer is, no, your Rogaine treatment is not causing you to lose more hair than before, and it will not make it worse than it would be in the future. To understand why it’s not causing your hair loss to get worse, let’s take a look at what Rogaine is and how it works.