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Is Nutrafol Safe For Breast Cancer? (Fact Checked)

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1What Supplements Should Breast Cancer Survivors Avoid??

Patients who took antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, and E as well as carotenoids and coenzyme Q10, both before and during chemotherapy were more likely to have a recurrence. Those who took vitamin B12, iron, and omega-3 fatty acid supplements were at significantly greater risk for recurrence and death.

2What Do Cancer Patients Use To Regrow Their Hair??

Minoxidil (Rogaine).

Applying minoxidil — a drug approved for hair loss — to your scalp before and during chemotherapy isn’t likely to prevent your hair loss, although some research shows it may speed up your hair regrowth.

3Is Biotin Safe For Cancer Patients??

Although biotin is generally safe, supplementation has been reported to interfere with certain lab tests, which may mask disease states, overestimate response to therapies, or subject patients to additional unnecessary diagnostic procedures (29).

4Can Breast Cancer Patients Use Minoxidil??

Topical minoxidil can be of significant benefit to women with breast cancer who develop alopecia during treatment with endocrine therapies, our most recent research shows.

5Can Cancer Patients Get Hair Again?

Your hair will grow back once your chemotherapy treatment has finished. In very rare cases the hair does not grow back. This only happens with very high doses of particular drugs. You can ask your doctor or specialist nurse whether your drugs are likely to cause hair loss.

6How Do You Deal With Hair Loss From Cancer?

How to deal with cancer-related hair loss
Give yourself time. Losing your hair may be difficult to accept.
Remember you’re still you.

7How Can I Regrow My Hair After Radiation?

Your hair may grow back in 3 to 6 months after your treatment is over. It really depends on the amount of radiation you get. People who get very high doses may not see their hair return. In the meantime, wash your hair gently with a mild shampoo and pat it dry.