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How Much Does A Cubii Exercise Machine Cost?

Is Cubii as good as walking? My activity tracked on the Cubii app. The activity is as moderate as walking if you choose a sustainable level. I found that my best choices were levels three and four out of eight, which are about as easy as pedaling on a seated bike with little or no resistance.

What is the full price of a Cubii? So no, Cubii is no magic fitness bullet. You won’t be able to cancel your gym membership, and with a $347 price tag, it’s not exactly low-commitment. But if you’re up for initial buy-in and willing to accept it as one part of a bigger get-in-shape plan, then 750 extra calories a week is still 750 extra calories a week.

Is the Cubii sold in stores? Yes! Select Cubii elliptical models are currently available in specific stores.

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How Much Does A Cubii Exercise Machine Cost

How much does the Cubii cost? The Cubii ranges in price from $249–$349, depending on the model.