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Exercise Bike Cross Trainer Reviews?

Is a cross trainer better than exercise bike? They meet different training objectives: an exercise bike improves your general physical condition and builds endurance, while a cross trainer delivers the same benefits but also provides a broader workout of the entire body.

Is a cross trainer good for cycling? One big benefit of an elliptical is that using it mirrors the motion of running and works similar muscles as the sport, but without the impact. So for cyclists looking to increase their cardio fitness and up their leg strength while trying to avoid injury with less impact, the machine is a great option, notes Cook.

Are cross trainers a good form of exercise? The cross trainer is just what you need: half an hour per day on the cross trainer, working at 70% of your maximum heart rate, will shed excess fat incredibly efficiently. Not only will the exercises seem easier because they use all of your muscles, but on top of that you’ll also burn more calories.

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Is cross trainer good for weight loss?

Weight loss and improved fitness. Exercising on a cross trainer can help you burn a lot of excess calories and can improve the strength and health of your heart and lungs. Exercising on a cross trainer is also great for raising your heart rate into the zones most appropriate for weight loss and fitness.