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Does Minoxidil Cause Low Sperm Count? (Detailed Response)

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Minoxidil (RogaineÒ) and the numerous topical solutions that purport to reduce scalp DHT levels do not appear to affect male sexual function and/or fertility.

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1Does Minoxidil Reduce Sperm Count?

There is accumulating evidence that it negatively impacts male fertility. You may instead use topical minoxidil (Rogaine), which has no known negative effects on male fertility.

2What Medications Can Cause Low Sperm Count??

Certain medications.

Testosterone replacement therapy, long-term anabolic steroid use, cancer medications (chemotherapy), certain antifungal and antibiotic medications, some ulcer medications, and other medications can impair sperm production and decrease male fertility.

3Does Blocking Dht Affect Sperm?

In summary, DHt appears to regulate semen volume and viscosity through its action on the development and function of the prostate and seminal vesicles. The finding of normal sperm concentrations in two subjects with 5 alpha-reductase-2 deficiency suggests that DHT does not play a major role in spermatogenesis.

4Does Balding Mean Low Sperm Count?

Researchers hypothesise the hormone changes associated with hair loss may also affect sperm count. Those experiencing moderate to severe hair loss in the study had a sperm volume count almost 60 percent lower than average.

5What Medications Decrease Sperm?

The FDA-approved drugs that have the potential to impair human spermatogenesis

6What Medications Affect Male Fertility?


7What Can Cause Sudden Low Sperm Count?

Spermatogenic arrest/decreased sperm count (high doses)

8Does Meds Lower Sperm Count?