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Does Figure 8 Exercise Work?

Does Figure 8 workouts work? Does Figure 8 actually work? Yes, Figure 8 Fitness works. These are effective, full-body workouts and if you commit to the program, you will certainly see results.

How long is a figure 8 workout? The Figure 8 workouts are up to 50 minutes long and the longest JNL Fusion workout is 40 minutes (Ballistic Backside) but average around 30 minutes.

Is Figure 8 the same as Zumba? Unlike Zumba, which is cued visually, a Figure 8 Instructor uses a microphone for verbal cues on correct dance patterns and proper technique in posture, form, body action, and muscle activation, especially in the core.

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What does Figure 8 Basic include?

Figure 8 is a Latin dance-based exercise program that combines simple steps with effective core-conditioning movements to help with weight loss, increased flexibility, and building core strength.