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Does Exercise Delay Your Period

According to two studies, menarche, the beginning of menstruation, was often postponed, and subsequent periods became irregular. The more active had just as many children as the less active. According to the report, 2,622 women at Harvard University who participated in row or rowing with 2,776 who led more sedentary lives. Dr. Frisch said that hard exercise “turns off the menstrual cycle” causing temporary infertility. The American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual meeting in Boston ended yesterday, with a report published. Call 08457 90 9090 90, 9091, visit a local. For more information, visit Samaritans’ branch or click here.

Does Exercise Delay Your Period – Answer & Related Questions

According to new studies, exercising hard can delay the onset of menstruation, but it does not influence the ability to have children later and reduces susceptibility to breast and reproductive cancers.