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Dht11 With Led (FAQ)

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1Does The Dht11 Need A Resistor?

The DHT11 sensors usually require external pull-up resistor of 10KΩ between VCC and Out pin for proper communication between sensor and the Arduino. However, the module has a built-in pull-up resistor, so you need not add it. The module also has a decoupling capacitor for filtering noise on the power supply.

2What Is The Limitation Of Dht11 Sensor?

The only limitation on this sensor is you can only get new data from it once every 2 seconds.

3Which Is Better Lm35 Or Dht11?

If you need maximum accuracy for Arduino based solutions that will be used indoors, the LM35 is your best option. If you need the additional feature of determining humidity levels, the DHT11 represents the best price-quality ratio.

4What Are Possible Applications Of Dht11 Sensors?


5Why Dht11 Is Not Working?

➨It is easy to clean. ➨It is simple in construction. ➨It is lower in cost. ➨It is usable in contaminated environments.

6What Are The Features Of Dht11 Sensor?

➨It is limited accuracy. ➨It has limited measurement range. ➨It is slow in measurement.