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Dht Tube Medical Abbreviation (Explained)

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DHT – Dobhoff Tube (feeding tube)

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1What Is Dht Tube In Medical Terms?

DHT stands for Dobhoff Tube (feeding tube)

2Is Dht A Feeding Tube?

Dobhoff tube is a special type of nasogastric tube (NGT), which is a small-bore and flexible so it is more comfortable for the patient than the usual NGT. The tube is inserted by the use of a guide wire called the stylet (see image1), which removed after the tube correct placement is confirmed.

3What Is A Dht In Nursing?

Background: Digital health technology (DHT), which includes digital algorithms and digital records, is transforming the way healthcare services are delivered. In nursing homes, DHT can enhance communication and improve the identification of residents’ health risks, but its implementation has so far been inconsistent.

4Where Is Dht Placed?

Dihydrotestosterone is the active form of androgen acting in the epididymis (Robaire and Henderson, 2006). The converting enzyme 5α-reductase (5αR) is found along the entire length of the epididymis and effectively converts testosterone to DHT in the epididymal epithelium.

5Where Should Dht Be Placed?

The feeding tube has a weighted metal tip and a guide wire for insertion.
Tip of feeding tube should be in 2nd or 3rd portion of duodenum.
Most, however, are placed in the stomach.
Placement of the tube is checked by a post-insertion radiograph centered on the region of the lower chest and upper abdomen.

6Can You Give Meds Through A Dobhoff?

Poor gag reflex PATIENTS WITH DOBHOFF TUBE: SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE RN: 1. Medications should be given in liquid form, if possible. If a medication is not available in liquid form, it must be crushed thoroughly and dissolved H2O.

7Do You Check Placement On A Dobhoff?

The current gold standard for diagnostic confirmation of a blindly inserted Dobhoff tube placement for purposes of enteral nutrition or medication delivery is radiographic examination (level A evidence) [3] .