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  • Deadlift Or Squat, What Comes First?

    In the fitness world, there is an occasional “chicken and egg” argument over whether the deadlift or the squat is the more foundational movement. Generally the squat is given precedence, with the rational¬†being the deadlift is moving an external load, while the squat is moving your own bodyweight. This sounds coherent, but it’s not as …

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  • Top tips for improving your squats

    Squats: 7 Tips for a better squat

    Squats (also known as back squats) are one of the most popular exercises in the fitness world as they are responsible for building deadly mass. Squats let you reach maximal body strength, encourage muscle growth and also make you a better all-round athlete. Pushing up a heavy squat uses nearly every muscle in your body …

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