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  • Personal trainer

    What To Look For In A Personal Trainer

    Things to look out for in your fitness professional 1. Assessment + Intake Interview A qualified trainer should ALWAYS have an interview process where they sit and TALK to you before you ever get moving. This doesn’t necessarily mean “fill out this form”, this should be a human conversation where you speak with them and …

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  • There’s No Problem With Needing Motivation

    “MOTIVATION MEANS NOTHING! It’s all about discipline!” This statement is annoying. Simple Psychology 101: -People do NOT like to do things that do not have some kind of reward.  Discipline is the structure to accomplish things, it is a means to an end, not the goal itself.  Practicing discipline must yield something to our benefit, otherwise, …

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  • Functional fitness kettlebell swing

    The ‘Functional Fitness’ Deception

    When thinking about functional fitness, do any of these quotes sound familiar?   I don’t care about being Bigger, I only want to be Stronger! I don’t want to train like a bodybuilder, I want to be functionally strong Whenever people say any variation of the above, it’s almost always followed a statement of wanting “functional …

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  • Hill Sprints workout to increase lean mass

    Increase Lean Mass and Decrease Body Fat with Sprints

    Sprints. Let’s get straight to the point, sprinting exercises stand out amongst other body fat reduction workouts you can do. Yep, sprints. Really. It’s an ‘easy’ way to increase lean mass, while losing bodyfat. Science time: An investigation at CSC gave subjects an calorie maintenance diet for three days. One of the days they did …

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  • Weightlifting for weight loss

    3 Tips to lose weight that have nothing to do with food

    It is obvious that some people find it difficult to shed some weight by using dieting techniques, not everyone is willing to leave their beloved piece of cake, red meat or ice-cream and adopt vegetables that are not very pleasant, all in the name of losing weight. So is it possible to lose weight without changing …

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  • 7 Tips for a better deadlift 1 Rep Max

    The deadlift is one of the most muscle-beneficial exercises and one that should be included in all strength training routines, because it generates muscle from head to toe, increases athletic capability and strengthens your posterior chain. It’s as simple as pick it up, put it down. Here are a few tips that will help you …

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  • Top tips for improving your squats

    Squats: 7 Tips for a better squat

    Squats (also known as back squats) are one of the most popular exercises in the fitness world as they are responsible for building deadly mass. Squats let you reach maximal body strength, encourage muscle growth and also make you a better all-round athlete. Pushing up a heavy squat uses nearly every muscle in your body …

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  • Weightlifter doing a heavy squat

    Fitness Motivation when Facing the Impossible

    In 1926, a woman from New York City did something that had been considered impossible. One August day, just after seven in the morning, she left the town of Cape Gris-Nez in France, and arrived in Kingsdown, Kent, just 14 hours later. The impossible part? She did it by swimming the English Channel. This woman …

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