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  • Lazy fat dog

    Are you fat because you’re lazy?

    It’s calories in calories out. This is the truth! It’s brutal for those convinced they are below their calorie count. Every case involves under reporting, miss calculated requirement, unconscious grazing or a night out derailing the weeks progress. The answer is to be more strict, more vigilant and stronger willed. This is the stance you …

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  • Hardest thing about dieting

    What is the most challenging thing about dieting?

    Subscribers to a popular health, gym and lifestyle newsletter were asked this question recently. The most interesting responses boiled down to roughly: A particular food stuff restricted by the diet Meaning, a food stuff they struggled to keep away from, which they would normally indulge in. The challenge of avoiding that food stuff The emotion …

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  • Weight loss

    Why weight loss isn’t a great idea for you

    I want to lose weight You’re a bit overweight, and feeling a little down on yourself. The first thing you think to change about yourself is your weight. But is that the best way to describe what you’re looking to achieve? What’s the issue with weight loss? Easy: the way we phrase of “weight loss” …

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