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Can Vigorous Exercise Raise Psa Levels?

Can exercise increase PSA levels? Physical activity releases prostate-specific antigen (PSA) from the prostate into the blood and increases serum PSA concentrations.

How much can exercise raise PSA levels? Immediately after 15 min of exercise on a bicycle ergometer, their serum PSA concentrations increased by as much as threefold. The increase was age dependent and correlated to the PSA concentration before exercise. This increase was evident in both the free and complexed fractions of PSA.

What activities raise PSA levels? Any prostate stimulation can trigger the release of extra PSA. This can include ejaculation and vigorous exercise, especially bike riding – but even having a DRE can raise PSA levels. For this reason, doctors usually draw blood before performing the DRE to avoid affecting the PSA test results.

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Can Vigorous Exercise Raise Psa Levels

Vigorous exercise can cause a “bump” in PSA, with bicycle riding being the biggest culprit. Do tell your doctor if: You are taking Proscar or Avodart for BPH (benign prostate enlargement), or Propecia for hair loss.