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Can I Exercise With Jock Itch?

What can you not do with jock itch? Until your jock itch is cured, wear loose-fitting cotton clothing. Avoid tight underwear, pants, and tights. Wash your supporters and shorts after every wearing. Do not share clothing, sports equipment, towels, or sheets to avoid spreading the fungi to other people.

Can you still run with jock itch? You can exercise just make sure to apply powder over the thigh so that the moisture will be absorbed and don’t wear wet clothes for too long. After exercises make sure to have a shower and clean the area thoroughly.

What aggravates jock itch? Having poor hygiene habits. Using improperly cleaned, damp towels or clothing, and not keeping skin dry may promote infection. Using the wrong treatment. Spreading an anti-itch cream, such as hydrocortisone, on the infected area won’t treat the infection — it can actually worsen it.

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Can I Exercise With Jock Itch

You don’t have to give up exercise altogether if you have jock itch. However, to make sure the condition doesn’t get worse, you should shower immediately after working out, dry off completely with a clean towel, and wear clean, loosely fitted clothing afterward.