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Can Exercise Prevent Gestational Diabetes?

Can exercise get rid of gestational diabetes? Physical activity lowers your glucose level, so regular exercise can be an effective way to manage gestational diabetes.

How can I avoid gestational diabetes? Before you get pregnant, you may be able to prevent gestational diabetes by losing weight if you’re overweight and getting regular physical activity. Don’t try to lose weight if you’re already pregnant. You’ll need to gain some weight—but not too quickly—for your baby to be healthy.

Does exercise lower blood sugar during pregnancy? Blood sugars are usually lowered by regular, aerobic exercise. Exercise makes the body more sensitive to insulin whether made by the body or injected and this effect may last for up to 24-hours. In women who do not have diabetes, exercise can decrease the risk of developing Gestational Diabetes.

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Can Exercise Prevent Gestational Diabetes

Yes. Exercise can help reduce risk of GDM and should be recommended to women of child-bearing age. However, its success is dependent on several factors such as early initiation of intervention, correct intensity and frequency of exercise, and management of gestational weight gain.