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Can Exercise Increase Eye Pressure?

Does exercise affect eye pressure? Recent evidence indicates that regular exercise can reduce eye pressure. Although medical research has known for a long time that the eye pressure is reduced for a few minutes following a single session of exercise, new studies suggest that regular exercise can lower eye pressure for a longer period.

What exercises raise eye pressure? Other types of exercise can raise the pressure inside the eyes as well, including inverted situps, crunches and squats. Many of these are done on an inversion table, which rotates the legs above the head, increasing eye pressure. Several yoga poses also incorporate inversion, such as: Dolphin pose.

Does exercise increase IOP? Exercise is known to result in changes in IOP. In fact, IOP is decreased following aerobic exercise. Moreover, the decrease in IOP is reportedly correlated with the intensity and duration of exercise—accordingly, an increase in exercise intensity and duration results in a greater reduction of IOP.

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Can Exercise Increase Eye Pressure

Intraocular pressure may become elevated with muscle exertion, changes in body position and increased respiratory volumes, especially when Valsalva manoeuver mechanisms are involved. All of these factors may be present during physical exercise, especially if hydration levels are increased.