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Can Dht Affect Transplanted Hair? (Expert Answers)

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1Is Donor Hair Dht Resistant?

A key aspect of donor dominance is that only the hair follicles located in the donor area are useful as donor follicles, because they are the ones that are DHT-resistant, and because there is a limited supply of them.

2Does Finasteride Affect Transplanted Hair?

Finasteride does not interfere with the hair transplant procedure. Therefore, it is okay for you to start finasteride before a hair transplant. In fact, starting finasteride before the is recommended by surgeons in some cases, including having a weak or insufficient donor area.

3Which Hairs Are Not Affected By Dht?

DHT is dihydrotestosterone.

Hair follicles that are not affected by DHT in many males are those in the back and sides of the scalp. If these are the hair follicles used for a hair transplant, they will behave the same regardless of where they are transplanted to.

4Can Minoxidil Damage Transplanted Hair?

Home / All / Do I Need To Use Minoxidil After A Hair Transplant Procedure? Patients who were using Minoxidil to restore hair can continue to use it even after a hair transplant surgery, especially if the cause of the hair loss is pattern baldness or genetic.

5Can Dht Affect Transplanted Hair?

Is the transplanted hair permanent? Hair follicles from the back portion of the scalp that are transplanted to the top of the scalp result in permanent hair growth. They are not sensitive to the effects of DHT. Therefore, transplanted follicles will continue to grow for your entire lifetime.

6Can I Use Minoxidil Instead Of Finasteride After Hair Transplant?

Answer: Post operation. After a FUE hair transplant, you do not need to use finasteride or minoxidil. Normally it is best to use the supplements unless your hair specialist suggest the use of finasteride and minoxidil then you can use it.

7Do I Need To Take Finasteride Before Hair Transplant?

Firstly, if you are thinking of getting a hair transplant, you may consider taking Finasteride for a minimum of a year before going under the knife especially if you are under 30 and the rate of your hair loss progressing is still being evaluated.