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Botulinum Toxin 100 Units (Explained)

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1What Is Botox 100 Unit Vial?

What is in BOTOX use? Each vial contains 100 units (U) of Clostridium botulinum toxin type A-haemagglutin complex as the active ingredient. It also contains human albumin and sodium chloride. What it looks like: The use is supplied as a sterile white vacuum-dried powder in a clear glass vial.

2How Much Is A 100 Unit Vial Of Botox?

Botox Cosmetic typically comes in 100-unit vials and therefore costs less per vial than Botox Therapeutic. Pricing varies by supplier and volume ordered but generally ranges from about $350 per vial to about $700 per vial.

3Is 100 Units Of Botox Too Much?

How much Botox is permissible on the forehead? Botox comes in dosages between 50 and 100 units per vial. Some practitioners say they inject an average of 10 to 30 units into the forehead. Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox Cosmetic, suggests a dosage of 4 units each in five sites on the forehead, totaling 20 units.

4How Many Injections Is 200 Units Of Botox?

The recommended dose is 200 Units of BOTOX, as 1 ml (~6.7 Units) injections across 30 sites in the detrusor muscle.

5How Many Injections Is 100 Units Botox?

The recommended dose is 100 Units of BOTOX, as 0.5 ml (5 Units) injections across 20 sites in the detrusor muscle.

6How Much Does 50 Units Of Botox Cost?

A single unit of Botox costs around $10 to $15, and an average treatment can include 30 to 40 units, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported in 2019. That means a typical treatment can run anywhere from $300 to $600.

7How Much Is In A Vial Of Botox?

The BOTOX® list price is $1,244 for a 200-Unit vial. The approved dose is 155 Units every 12 weeks. There may be additional costs for the procedure, which will vary by healthcare provider. Visit product website for approved dose.