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Botox For Squint Correction (FAQ)

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1How Long Does Botox Last For Squint??

1. The effects usually come on over 24-48 hours 2. The effects of the Botox usually wear off over 3 months BUT 3. Sometimes the effects can last for much less time or for longer than that AND 4.

2How Long Does Botox Take To Work Squint??

It takes 2-3 days for the effect of the Botox to start working and for the eye to begin to straighten. An appointment to measure the effect of the treatment will be made for 1-2 weeks.

3How Successful Is Botox For Strabismus?

Restrictive strabismus

Restrictive strabismus may be less responsive to BTX-A injection. Injection is successful in about a third of cases.

4Does Botox Make Eyes Squint?

This double vision usually recovers as the effect of the botox wears off and the eyes return to their old position. Occasionally the botox can weaken neighbouring eye muscles causing a new vertical squint and this may also result in some temporary double vision.

5How Long Does Botox For Squint Last?

You will usually notice the effect about two days after the injection. How long does the effect last? This can vary, but it usually lasts for weeks, and occasionally months, before it wears off. What are the possible side effects?

6Can Botox Help A Squinty Eye?

Botox injections may be a treatment option for some types of squint. It is injected into one of the muscles that move the eye. The injection temporarily weakens the muscle, allowing the eyes to realign (straighten). This can help improve the appearance of the squint and may prevent the development of a “lazy” eye.

7How Long Does It Take To Cure Squint?

Some newborn babies have a mild intermittent squint that reduces by 2 months of age and is gone by 4 months of age. However, fixed squints are usually permanent unless treated.

8Should You Squint After Botox?

You can help BOTOX work into those targeted spots by exercising your face for 1 – 2 hours after the appointment. You should squint, grimace, raise your eyebrows, and frown. These specific movements help the BOTOX injections take hold and settle in. After your BOTOX appointment, avoid touching the injection sites.