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Botox For Bell’S Palsy Nhs (Fact Checked)

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1Should I Get Botox If I Had Bell’S Palsy?

If you have had Bell’s Palsy and are fully recovered, the fact that you have had Bell’s Palsy in the past should not affect your current use of Botox.

2Can Botox Make Bells Palsy Worse?

Answer: Botox

Botox will not re-trigger Bells Palsy. Drooping of an eyelid post Botox injection is due to poor placement.

3Where Do You Inject Botox For Bell’S Palsy?

One of the most common areas of injection is into the lower lip depressor muscles. This is done to re-establish symmetry of the lower lip and to prevent excessive contraction on the non-paralyzed side of the face.

4Is Bell’S Palsy Classed As A Disability?

Bell’s Palsy that has caused severe and lasting nerve damage may make an applicant eligible for disability.

5Can I Have Botox If Ive Had Bells Palsy?

BOTOX for Facial Paralysis. Botox is one of the most effective treatments for patients with Bell’s palsy, partial facial paralysis and synkinesis. Botox has been a mainstay treatment for patients with synkinesis, partial facial paralysis and bell’s palsy for the past two decades.

6How Long After Bells Palsy Can You Get Botox?

Answer: Wait at least 3 months until symptoms clear

I agree with the opinion that a neurologist should clear you prior to getting Botox after having Bell’s palsy. I recommend waiting at least 3 months after resolution of your symptoms.

7What Can Worsen Bell’S Palsy?

Viruses that have been linked to Bell’s palsy include viruses that cause: Cold sores and genital herpes (herpes simplex) Chickenpox and shingles (herpes zoster) Infectious mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr)

8Can Botox Cause Mouth Droop?

Facial drooping, overfilled or duck lips, and asymmetrical smile are possible effects of a bad Botox injection. Its results cannot be reversed so you have to wait for the injection to wear off before receiving other treatments to fix them.