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  • The chimp who came for coffee

    The chimp that came for coffee

    Imagine, as I am right now, that you are sat in your kitchen drinking a coffee. Life is care free, you’re relaxed, cool and calm. Suddenly, in a cartoon like fashion a monkey, THE monkey, squeezes its way out through your ear. You are still strangely relaxed given what has just happened. Helped no doubt …

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  • Losing weight diet

    What is the most challenging thing about dieting?

    I threw this question into one of my Facebook groups last night. I’m sure you can guess a few of the things that came back. The responses that most resonated were: A food stuff The challenge of avoiding the food stuff What it meant to have had the food stuff The first was to select …

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  • Fastest route to health

    The Quickest Route to Health

    In 2000 Dr Terry Wahls was appointed Associate Chief of Staff at the Veterans Administration at Iowa City Medical Center and Associate Professor of Medicine in the College of Medicine, University of Iowa, Iowa City. In that same year she was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. With direct access to the best MS doctors …

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  • how to stay hydrated

    Does more water seem to just make you more thirsty?

    All about proper hydration We all know how important it is that we get enough water.  We have had it drummed into us from everywhere: TV, media the Doctor… The thing is, every time we do increase our water intake the reward just isn’t enough to incentives us to continue. We are told of improved energy …

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  • Peer saboatage - weightloss

    The Peer Sabotage Code

    I could never do that… That doesn’t sound good for you… You need to slow down… I’m having one, why don’t you… Where’s the harm in one… This will cheer you up… That sounds like hard work… These are secret codes from those around us and can mean a number of things: Please stop you’re …

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  • less stressful life

    50 Quickfire ways to achieve a Less Stressful Life

    How would you achieve a less stressful life? We’ve come with a quickfire list of 50 easy to edigest tips which when applied will level you up immediately. Implement one at a time to see where they can help you. 1. Contemplate death daily 2. Contemplate the odds of your being alive daily 3. Re-frame …

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  • Lazy fat dog

    Are you fat because you’re lazy?

    It’s calories in calories out. This is the truth! It’s brutal for those convinced they are below their calorie count. Every case involves under reporting, miss calculated requirement, unconscious grazing or a night out derailing the weeks progress. The answer is to be more strict, more vigilant and stronger willed. This is the stance you …

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  • Dr Dre

    Insight & Motivation comes in the strangest of places

    I was feeling a little stuck last week and I walked past a shop that was playing a Dr Dre song. “What’s the difference- between me and you? You talk a good one but you don’t do what you’re supposed to do.” I was suddenly unstuck. The thing I wanted to happen hadn’t yet happen …

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  • Hardest thing about dieting

    What is the most challenging thing about dieting?

    Subscribers to a popular health, gym and lifestyle newsletter were asked this question recently. The most interesting responses boiled down to roughly: A particular food stuff restricted by the diet Meaning, a food stuff they struggled to keep away from, which they would normally indulge in. The challenge of avoiding that food stuff The emotion …

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  • Personal trainer

    What To Look For In A Personal Trainer

    Things to look out for in your fitness professional 1. Assessment + Intake Interview A qualified trainer should ALWAYS have an interview process where they sit and TALK to you before you ever get moving. This doesn’t necessarily mean “fill out this form”, this should be a human conversation where you speak with them and …

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