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Best Exercise To Improve Golf Swing Speed

Pga Tour Players have been increasing clubhead speed (driver) at a rate of just under 2% per year. This is amid all of the latest advancements in driver technology. We need more space to do so in order to get more energy in the downswing. And that means a longer backswing. To do this, it needs strength and flexibility in the upper back and shoulders. To add more CHS, you need more space in the back and shoulder stretches for golf. To get more speed, you need more energy and flexibility in your upper back.

Best Exercise To Improve Golf Swing Speed

  • Battles Ropes.
  • Medicine Ball Slams.
  • Thrusters.
  • Kettlebell Snatches.
  • 90-Degree Box Jumps.
  • Kettlebell Swings.
  • What Is The Average Swing Speed For A 75 Year Old Golfer?

    What is the average swing speed of a senior golfer? Anyone over the age of 50 is a member of the senior golfer group. Unlike women, who have a maximum swing speed of 60 mph, men have a minimum 75 mph swing speed, with 90 mph being their average.

    Both male and female golfers are expected to lose about 5 mph in each decade. Naturally, the average swing speed will vary based on factors other than the golfer’s age. The 75 to 90 mph range is usually thought of as a slow swing speed for men.

    What is the best catalyst for a slow swing speed?

    Your swing speed should be monitored, and your swing should be as smooth as possible. To achieve this and possibly raise your swing speed, you should concentrate on golf driver shaft properties. As we’ve already mentioned, selecting the right golfer for slow and medium speed helps slow speed swingers develop more precision and accuracy, which means lightweight shaft drivers should be their go-to option.

    Beginner golfers, or the new kids on the block who are just starting to learn the basics, such as the distance from which they should go to a golf club, are best suited for novice golfers. Beginners who are trying to get a good shot and a longer ball range may get anxious or rushed the swing.

    But does swing speed determine distance?

    There are several contributing factors to swing speed, and just increasing the speed of the ball does not mean you will be able to increase the ball’s speed and distance to your shot. This is great news for slow speed swingers because it means you will get more distance by selecting the right golf driver for you.

    The right golfer will help you achieve the right balance of distance and dispersion. If you know what to expect in your next driver and put a little effort into finding a driver that matches your swing speed, you will not have to worry about upgrading it.

    What Is The Best Exercise To Increase Club Head Speed?

    His three recommendations for increasing clubhead speed are: swing lighter clubs, throw medicine balls, and work on your vertical leap. Duffy even breaks down each suggestion for you, explaining how it relates to the golf swing. Swing light clubs, also known as overspeed training, can help you increase clubbed speed.

    This shouldn’t surprise, as a number of golfers, including those on our own, have had success with speed training aids such as SuperSpeed Sticks.

    Throwing medicine balls may seem strange, but it can actually increase your ability to apply force quickly to an object, such as a golf club, which then converts the force into a golf ball. Medicine ball throws are also great at increasing rotational endurance, which is also due to the golf swing’s rotational nature.

    Duffy’s third suggestion, improving your vertical jump, seems to be more appropriate for a basketball player than a golfer. However, a vertical jump is the result of you pushing into the ground and the ground pushing back against you with the same amount of power that it lifts you off the ground. When you enter your downswing operations in golf, the vertical ground reaction forces were also present.

    What Exercises Improve Club Head Speed?

    Being able to get away from your body helps with club head speed. Consider exercises such as bench press, incline press, medicine ball chest past, the shot put motion, or even a push-up.

    Struggle with a push? With Feed Back, we have some great ways to scale up so that you can concentrate on chest strength and endurance. Overspeed training has existed in sports for hundreds of years. Track athletes will run downhill to make their bodies lighter and faster, while javelin throwers will use lighter javelins to push them further in practice. To prepare your nervous system how to move faster, overspeed training is using something lighter than you’d actually use in competition. Despite the fact that SuperSpeed Golf has a fantastic program, it isn’t absolutely necessary, and you can still enjoy your own clubs (see alternative here).

    In summary, there is no quick fix for increasing your clubhead speed. It takes work and a strategy. Hundreds of golfers have been aided in developing a strategy both in our office and online. At, book a face to face Golf Physical online, or enroll in one of our online courses that will help you get the ball further!