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Best Exercise For Pull Ups

Your lats and biceps will look divine, thanks to pull-ups’ aesthetic wonders. These exercises are similar to the building blocks of the pull-up. They’ll help you get up and over the bar by developing the back and arm strength that are sorely needed to get you up and over the bar. According to trainer Gabe Snow, a trainer at Performix House in New York City, the more you weigh, the stronger the muscles involved must be. Snow says you can do four sets of 15 without needing a physical boost, but you don’t have to go to the gym to learn how to pull-ups properly. Try incorporating these six exercises into your daily routine.

Best Exercise For Pull Ups – Answer & Related Questions

  • Hammer curl.
  • Hanging scapular depression hold. Do it: Using an overhand grip, hang from the bar.
  • Hanging hollow hold. Do it: Using an overhead grip, hop up to hang from a bar.
  • Resistance band bent-over row.
  • Inverted row.
  • Kettlebell single-arm row.